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FDA CPP or eCPP Apostille

Updated: Mar 1

1. What is FDA CPP or eCPP?

Facilities exporting human drugs are often asked by foreign customers or foreign governments to provide documentation of the facility’s compliance with FDA standards. FDA issues export certificates for approved or licensed drugs and for unapproved drugs that meet certain legal requirements.

FDA eCPP Sample

FDA issues electronic certificates of pharmaceutical product (eCPP) for human drugs exported from the U.S. directly to the requesting country. FDA eCPPs conform to the World Health Organization (WHO) format and are intended for importing countries considering whether to license products for sale in that country. Certificates expire 24 months from the date issued after which a new application must be submitted. Certificates cannot be reissued.

2. What is an apostille?

Apostille Certificate from the US Department of State
Apostille Certificate

An Apostille is for documents to be used in countries that participated in the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty. Once complete, no more steps are needed.

Authentication certificates are for documents to be used in countries that do not participate in the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty.

An Apostille is a simplified form of Authentication and usually needs only one competent authority to be involved. Once complete, no more steps are needed. Yet Authentication may go through a multi-step process to get the certificate from those foreign embassies or consulates in the US.

3. Apostille or Authentication Process

As mentioned before, the destination country of your document will decide which certificate you should obtain.

If the destination country is a Hague Apostille country/region (such as Germany, Spain, France, etc.):

  • Get an Apostille from the US Department of State.

If the destination country is NOT a Hague Apostille country/region:

  • Get an Authentication from the U.S. Department of State.

  • Get a Legalization from the Embassy.

Simply place the order based on your situation and provide us with FDA CPP or eCPP. We will contact the right people and departments to apostille or authenticate it.

The apostille and authentication process can be complicated. If you don't want to spend a lot of time and energy getting into it, your best bet is to let a professional do it for you. Once we receive your order and document, it'll be processed as soon as possible.

Besides the FDA Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, we also provide apostille, authentication, and embassy legalization services for other personal documents and corporate documents issued in 50 states and DC.


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