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Apostille for Attorney's Certificate of Good Standing in New York

How to get a Certificate of Good Standing for an attorney in New York?

In New York, a certificate of good standing attests to an attorney’s admission to practice and current status of good standing before the bar. The phrase “good standing” means that the attorney has been duly admitted to practice, is not currently suspended or disbarred, is currently registered with the Office of Court Administration, and is not in arrears in the payment of the $375 biennial registration fee required by Judiciary Law § 468-a.

So, how does a licensed attorney obtain a Certificate of Good Standing? According to the New York State Bar Association, Letters or Certificates of Good Standing can be obtained from the Appellate Department where the attorney was admitted to practice.

1st Department (Manhattan) call 212.340.0400.

2nd Department (Brooklyn) call 718.875.1300.

3rd Department (Albany) call 518.471.4777.

4th Department (Rochester) call 585.530.3100.

If you do not know which Appellate Division the attorney was admitted in, you may obtain this information from the NYS Unified Court System’s Web site:

Sample of New York Attorney's Certificate of Good Standing
Sample of New York Attorney's Certificate of Good Standing |

How to Apostille or Authenticate the Attorney's Certificate of Good Standing?

Step 1. Order the Apostille or Authentication service based on the destination country.

▶️ If the destination country is a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, it needs to get the Apostille from the Secretary of State. Once the apostille is completed, It is ready for use.

▶️ If the destination country is NOT a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, more steps are needed. Specifically, the document needs to be authenticated by the U.S. Department of State, and the embassy of that destination country which is located in Washington D.C.

Step 2. Depending on how you received your document, you can upload the digital copy of the Certificate of Status or mail us the physical copy.

  • For the digital copy you received from the court, upload it.

  • For the physical copy you received, please mail it to the address below for further processing (with your order#).

📮 Mailing Address

American Notary Service Center

7512 Diplomat Drive, Suite 101,

Manassas, VA 20109

That's all from your end. We'll process the document as soon as possible. After apostille or authentication, it will be shipped to your mailing address.

The Apostille process can be complicated, time-consuming, and distracting that requires expertise and experience. So just leave it to us. Our experts can provide you with a full range of fast services that allow you to save time and focus on your own careers and key areas.

Besides the Attorney's Certificate of Good Standing from New York, we also provide apostille, authentication, and embassy legalization services for other personal documents and corporate documents issued in 50 states and DC.


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