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Professional certified translation services are provided with notarial certificates executed by the commissioned notaries public. Support a variety of documents, including documents related to identification, certificates, marriage, finance, corporation, and legal issues, etc.

Languages Available: English, Spanish, French, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean ... 

Translation and notarization service will be completed within 3-7 business days of receiving the payment and the documents from the client. The translated documents will be sent via email or mailed to the designated address. If a paper version is requested, the client shall bear the shipping cost.

➤ IDs:

  • Passport

  • Resident ID Card

  • Household Registration Booklet

  • Driver's License


➤ Certificates: 

  • Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Single Status Affidavit

  • Graduation Certificate

  • Degree

  • Transcript

  • Study Certificate

  • Employment Certificate


➤ Marriage:

  • Prenuptial Agreement

  • Postnuptial Agreement

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Certificate

  • Divorce Agreement

  • Divorce Decree

  • Court Files


➤ Finance:

  • Bank Statement

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow Statment

  • Company Tax Returns

  • Individual Tax Returns

  • Certificate of Tax Payment

  • Real Property Ownership Certificate

  • Deed

  • Money Transfer Receipt


➤ Company:

  • Company Registration Documents

  • Company License

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaws

  • Resolution of Board of Directors/Shareholders

  • Register of Shareholders

  • Business Contracts


➤ Others:

  • Vaccination Records

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

  • Notice of Critical Condition

  • Medical Records

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