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Remote Notarization:


  • Each signer must go through and pass the ID Verification before the remote notarization as required by the respective state​.

Notarization & Authentication
Personal Documents
  • ​Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Certificate

  • Life Certificate

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Diploma/Transcript

  • Child adoption documents

Notarization & Authentication
Business Documents
  • Company registration documents

  • Articles of Association

  • Company license

  • Good standing Certificate

  • Financial documents

  • Tax Documents

  • Business Contracts

  • Resolutions

Remote/Electronic Notarization

Our electronic notarization and remote notarization solutions will be more environmentally friendly, time-saving and convenient by using a high-security level platform compared to traditional notarization.

The remote meeting, zero distance service!

Onsite Notary

We provide flexible and convenient onsite notarization services to customers in the Greater Washington DC area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia). Travel fees may occur, please call us for more details before making decisions.


Don't move. We 'll be there!


We understand that in today's globalized world, many clients need a service to handle their document notarization and authentication. The services will not only enable documents issued by one country to be recognized by authorities in another country and have legal effect. It also allows our clients to save time, focus on their own careers and key areas, and free themselves from the complicated, time-consuming, and distracting application process that requires expertise and experience.

American Notary Service Center Inc. provides fair, fast, confidential and professional document notarization and authentication services to clients worldwide. Our services include notarization, Secretary of State authentication/apostille, Department of State authentication/apostille, embassy and consulate legalization, and a full set of all steps of authentications. Both personal and business documents can be processed. We are located in the Greater Washington DC area. Professional experience and great location allow us to provide you with a full range of fast services!

We offer free consultation and evaluation. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-202-599-0777.


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