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HCCH Published the 2nd Edition of Apostille Handbook

On January 18, 2023, the Permanent Bureau of the HCCH (Hague Conference on Private International Law – Conférence de La Haye de droit international privé) announced the publication of the second edition of the Practical Handbook on the Operation of the Apostille Convention (Apostille Handbook).

The Apostille Handbook, first published in 2013, provides guidance on the practical implementation and operation of the 1961 Apostille Convention, applied tens of millions of times every year to the benefit of individuals, families, and businesses from across the world. The Apostille Handbook is intended to assist all users of the 1961 Apostille Convention, including States interested in joining the Convention, Competent Authorities tasked with its effective operation, and all those seeking to rely on an Apostille.

This second edition provides updated information and resources in response to the latest developments in relation to the Convention, including by incorporating advice from recent meetings and reflecting on the experiences of the growing number of Contracting Parties. Key changes include a greater focus on the electronic Apostille Programme (e-APP), further explanation of the role of diplomatic missions, and the incorporation of outcomes of the Working Group on the Authentication of Documents Generated by Supranational and Intergovernmental Organisations, the Experts’ Group on the e-APP and New Technologies, as well as the most recent meetings of the International Forum on the e-APP and the Special Commission on the practical operation of the Apostille Convention.

The second edition of the Apostille Handbook is available for download in English, French and Spanish.


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