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9 types of ID US notaries accept

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

According to Virginia Notary Handbook, before performing a notarial act, a notary must be CERTAIN of the identity of each person whose signature will be notarized. A notary is required to exercise a HIGH DEGREE OF CARE in determining the identity of any person whose identity is the subject of a notarial act. Unless such person is known by the notary, identity shall be ascertained by examination of one or more of the following nine unexpired documents:

  1. a United States Passport,

  2. a United States Passport Card,

  3. a certificate of United States citizenship,

  4. a certificate of naturalization,

  5. a foreign passport,

  6. an alien registration card with a photograph,

  7. a state-issued driver's license,

  8. state-issued identification card, or

  9. a United States military card.


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